At a Glance

Giving “Personal Physician” a Whole New Meaning

The Dedicated Care Center has been in the business of providing quality care and a stellar patient experience since opening its doors.

Your doctor, along with the entire care team, will work together to build strong relationships. We make it a priority to get to know you, your family, and your healthcare goals.

We never rush through appointments and always seek to make it personal. We spend the time so we are even better equipped to develop a prevention and care plan that meets our members’ needs for the long term.

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Our Mission

To deliver quality, personalized healthcare to patients by dedicating ourselves to building relationships, forging partnerships, and advocating for wellness.

Our Vision

To put the personal back into healthcare.

Our Approach to Care

When a patient becomes a member of our practice, they become part of our family.

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We take the time to get to know and learn more about health history, current health status, potential health risks, and future health goals.

We know that wellness and healthy living can’t be achieved in a doctor’s office alone. It’s about paving a path with support and information to make health-conscious choices, no matter where you are.

That is what our team at Dedicated Care Center offers.

Partners. Advocates. Supporters.
Medical care the way it should be.

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