Program Services

Prevention Services:

  • Lifestyle improvement plan
  • Patient care journal
  • Patient Service Coordinator to follow-up on compliance with treatment regime

Enhanced Communication:

  • Designated Patient Service Coordinator
  • One point of contact
  • Instant pick up or callback within 30 minutes
  • Designated family spokesperson coordination service

Care Management:

  • Personal patient update and care plan as needed after each visit
  • In-office medications pick up for most acute illnesses
  • Prescription synchronization
  • Prescription renewal acted on proactively
  • Scheduling of specialty care and studies
  • Email appointment requests, questions and prescription inquiries
  • Assistance with care coverage for out of town family and guest emergencies
  • Arrangements for Direct Jet Insurance to transport traveling patients to accepting hospitals

Appointment Management:

  • On-time appointment guarantee
  • Reminder calls 48 hours prior to appointment
  • Prevention appointments prescheduled
  • Prescheduled school physicals and flu shots