At a Glance

Your Patient Service Coordinator

As a member of the Dedicated Care Center, you will always have the same point of contact for all your communications with your doctor’s office. Your Patient Service Coordinator will serve as your personal assistant to arrange appointments, schedule specialist referrals, answer questions, remind you of appointments, and perform many other services to totally assist you in your ongoing medical care. This allows you and your doctor to spend 100% of the time on you and your healthcare.

Our commitment to customer service

In an era when healthcare is becoming less personable, we understand the importance of customer service. Trained by The Ritz-Carlton® to exceed your service expectations our staff will help you see the way healthcare should be delivered.

On-site diagnostic center

Our practice is outfitted with the latest in diagnostic tools including on-site CT scan, stress tests, cardiac echo, ultrasound, x-ray, mammography, bone density, and a full service lab. Lab draws are done in the privacy and comfort of your executive suite during your office visit. Our radiology and cardiology specialists are on-site and provide immediate reports and recommendations.